PASCAL training Ltd offer workshops that have an innovative, fun approach to make learning an enjoyable experience. The more in-depth content can be adapted to suit individual requirements. We develop personalised training to suit and all workshops can be delivered in-house, at a designated venue or online via zoom. Please contact one of our consultants if you need any further information or wish to discuss training needs. Session times will depend on clients needs and personal annual programmes can be designed to suit the service provider at very negotiable rates.



Being a role model

Looking at the impact adults have on children through their actions, interactions and words.


Boys will be boys

To recognise the similarities and differences between boys and girl’s development and strategies to support boys to achieve.


Having fun with Literacy

Helps to identify a language rich environment to develop practical ways to support children’s reading and writing skills.


Having fun with Maths

This workshop will explore experiences and activities that make math concepts, thinking and number skills, fun for children through play.


Extending children’s learning

Recognises the importance of the adult role in extending skills, learning and development to suit children’s individual learning styles and needs.


How children ‘Learn through Play’

This session identifies children’s experiences and activities and shows the learning, development and skills that takes place whilst they play.


Getting ready for school

Looks at expectations we have for children entering main stream school and strategies on how adults can support.


Role Play - developing creative minds

Exploring ways to use role play activities and experiences to support children’s creative thinking supporting characteristics of effective learning.


Letting children have a voice

Explores the values and importance of making sure children are listened to, their thoughts and ideas respected, to support self esteem and resilience.


Risk verses Challenge

Covers health and safety issues and looks at how adults support children to manage, adapt and respond to risks to gain skills to keep them safe.


British Values through activities

Looks at how British Values can be explored through shared activities and experiences reflecting equality and The Prevent Duty. 


Enjoying circle time

Practical workshop developing ideas and fun ways how to involve children to share, interact and sustain concentration skills through play.



Story Sacks

Explores the concept of story sacks linking books and artefacts to good communication skills/creative thinking.


Wood work

​​Shows how practical woodwork can build children's confidence, and help to develop concentration, coordination and essential skills for life. How to introduce woodwork experiences into the curriculum.


Areas of play and learning

1. Cooking

2. Dough and malleable materials

3. Painting and drawing

4. Sand and water play

5. Puzzles and games

6. Storytelling

7. Construction and block play

8. Role play and make believe

9. Outdoor play and visits

10. Music, movement and sound

11. Art and crafts

12. Heuristic and sensory play

13. Gardening

14. Mud kitchens

15. Celebrations and Festivals


All areas have supporting Play Cards available



All these titles can be delivered as workshops to suit various time allocation and individual needs and requirements.