Extended to July 2021

To relaunch our ‘focus on parents as partners and being children’s first educators’, we are once again offering parent workshops to be delivered inhouse at your setting/provision or online via zoom. Since our last offer over three years ago there is a more extensive list of workshops to choose from and the sessions will be for just under 2hrs as evaluations from parents requested.
The offer is for up to 20 people (could include members of staff to support parental partnership) and the cost for one workshop is £150. If you require more parent workshops within the period, we will offer a further 2nd or 3rd workshop for £100 each. The normal cost for training and workshops is £15 per hour per person. 

The parent workshops in the offer are... 

1  Learning through play (This session can be offered via Zoom)  

2  Getting ready for school
3  Let’s make Maths fun       

4  Let’s make literacy fun
5  Promoting positive behaviour    

6  Boys will be boys
7  Online safety    

8  1st Aid in the home
9  Healthy eating    

10  Story sacks


The workshop/s are delivered at an agreed date and time to suit individual needs after consultation with us and need to be booked as early as possible for availability and promoting to parents. The workshops are approximately 1hr 55 minutes in duration to comply with creche requirements if you are going to offer a creche which will be the setting’s own responsibility.

The workshop/s offer has been recently extended and is now available until July 2021 and delivered inhouse once COVID19 sanctions have been lifted. They must be paid for at least 4 weeks before the delivery date. 

There is no lower limit for attendees but numbers must not exceed 20 persons, enough space must be allocated and attendance numbers will need to be confirmed. Settings are responsible to ensure facilities and equipment are suitable, safe and conducive for learning and also in compliance with own policies and insurance.  

If you receive Early Years Pupil Premium funding this might be helpful to cover the cost of this offer “supporting settings to build stronger partnerships with parents and develop learning at home”. 


Please email or call if you require any further information.