PASCAL Play Cards

PASCAL Play Cards were originally developed to give simple facts to parents to support the partnership between carers and parents and to show how children learn through play. However, from feedback over the past few years practitioners, childminders, students and managers have found them an effective tool to support and develop practice as well as clarify understanding. There are a variety of familiar topics which have been broken down to indicate how the Early Years Foundation Stage is incorporated through children’s play and shared home learning.


Each PASCAL Training Ltd PLAY CARD contains an introduction to a specific topic, looks at how the topic relates to the three ‘prime areas’ of EYFS - Learning and Development and suggests ‘a simple activity to try’. There are also a few basic tips added for adults to be aware of.

On the reverse it contains a grid which combines the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ (engagement, thinking and motivation) and the ‘specific areas’ within the EYFS. There is an additional paragraph to explain how adults can support children’s Maths and English, and a simple vocabulary list which can be built upon to meet the ages and stages of the children being cared for.


Purchasing a Play Card…

Each individual Play Card - is an A4 laminated card priced at £8.00 sold singularly. They are copyright of PASCAL Training Ltd but once purchased can be photocopied to distribute to parents or used for training purposes. If you wish to purchase all 15 Play Cards in one order you will receive a substantial discount - £100 plus an index card.  We can also provide a PASCAL Play Card file holder in addition for a small cost. (Postage will be additional at approximately £3.00 without the file holder)

1.    Cooking

2.    Dough and malleable materials

3.    Painting and drawing

4.    Sand and water play

5.    Puzzles and table games

6.    Storytelling

7.    Construction and block play

8.    Role play and make believe

9.    Outdoor play and visits

10.  Music, movement and sound

11.  Art and crafts

12.  Heuristic and sensory play

13.  Gardening

14.  Mud kitchens

15.  Celebrations and Festivals 


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PASCAL Play Cards are copyright of the company and have been developed to support parents, adults, students and child carers.