Childminder training

PASCAL Training Ltd is a personalised training provider who offers training/workshops or information sessions to childminders. As qualified adult teachers with appropriate subject knowledge in Childcare and Education, we can develop sessions to cover specific topics which might be required. Most sessions can be adapted to be delivered online via zoom.


We make learning an enjoyable experience and can offer individual sessions as well as develop small annual programmes which can be discussed with any of our consultants.

Successful workshops delivered for childminders in the past have included…


  • Observation skills made easy  

  • Making maths fun – Let’s enjoy and play 

  • Prince or Princess-or just a child?  -  Challenging our thoughts and practice

  • Baby it's cold outside - Looks at learning in the great outdoors.

  • Parents as partners – Practical ideas for making effective partnerships

  • Are you ready for Ofsted? – Support with SEF requirements

  • Making Learning Fun for 2yr olds – How to recognise an appropriate environment

  • I’m All Inclusive - but are you really?


Generally, sessions are planned for 2 hours and where the venue is free we are able to keep costs reasonable. Further workshop/training also includes…


  1. HOW DO WE GROW? - Looking at ages, stages and the sequence of child development.

  2. IS THAT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVE? - What are the causes of unacceptable or certain behaviour, why it may occur and what strategies can be used to develop and support children.

  3. ARE YOU LISTENING? - The importance of making sure children have ‘a voice’ and are listened to. This session looks at how we can value children’s opinions, help them to make choices and become more confident.    

  4. LEARNING THROUGH PLAY - This session identifies children’s experiences and activities and shows the learning and development that takes place when children are playing. 

  5. ARE YOU READY FOR SCHOOL? - Looks at expectations we have for children entering main stream school and strategies on how adults can support.

  6. STORY SACKS (EITHER DELIVERED WITH OR WITHOUT CHILDREN) - This concept develops children’s literacy and allows them to link good communication skills with creative thinking.

  7. MATHS CAN BE FUN - The workshop will explore experiences and activities that make developing math skills and concepts fun for children through play.

  8. RISK OR A CHALLENGE? - Covers health and safety issues and looks at how adults support children to manage and adapt to risk to gain skills to keep them safe.

  9. ON LINE SAFETY - Looks at issues on keeping children safe around modern technology and guidance on how to monitor safe usage.

  10. ACCIDENTS AND ILLNESS - This looks at how to recognise and deal with accidents and illnesses within young children.

  11. HAPPY HEALTHY EATING - Looking at different foods, menus and recipes to support parents encourage children to make healthy choices.

  12. WILL BOYS BE BOYS? - To recognise the similarities and differences between boys/girls development.

  13. LET'S GET CRAFTY - Practical workshop which looks at helping parents become more aware of the value of children’s creativity and creative thinking.