Our consultancy service covers the full professional range of our expertise which can be viewed within our 'About us' section under the consultants' information. We can also offer our consultancy services to assist with recruitment and tutor/assessor training.



Our consultancy can help and support you in a number of ways.

Example of our Ofsted support service is...

  • By supporting you to write a truly reflective evaluation.

  • By supporting Leaders and Managers to complete ‘joint observations’ on staff.  This will help with supervision and develop leaders confidence when offering feedback to an inspector.

  • By observing ‘general practice’ to identify any areas needing development to ensure the EYFS is being delivered to the highest standard.

Inspection evidence reveals the ‘quality of the interaction between adults and children’ makes a difference to children’s learning and development.


  • Do you and all your staff feel confident you demonstrate outstanding practice in all areas?

  • Do all staff see themselves as educators of children and recognise how they are making a difference to children’s learning?

  • Are you, as a Leader or Manager, totally confident in your role to lead and manage effectively in line with the Common Inspection Framework?


As quoted by Ofsted’s ‘Getting it right first time’ “a strength of a good/outstanding setting is where they sought external scrutiny of their practice to gather objective, external challenge and support”.


The outcome of an inspection can affect your reputation, funding and potential sustainability.  Why risk being inspected without giving your provision a chance to adapt and develop practice if and where necessary?   If you would welcome our advice and support please email or phone us to discuss your requirements.