Our clients

Our clients include: parents, childminders, early years practitioners, students, classroom assistants, committees, leaders and managers. We have also worked with local authorities, independent schools and academies and numerous community services. These have included ... church youth club volunteers, after school club staff, leisure centre staff, nursery chains, and children's activity clubs.

What do our clients think?

All our clients are encouraged to evaluate and give feedback which allows us to develop and achieve an excellent standard.

AGM Workshop delivered to childminders on the 'EYFS in practice' 

"The workshop made me realise how my everyday work relates to the EYFS"

"I felt comfortable asking questions about just playing"

Safeguarding session for volunteers working in a youth club

"Very informative and the tutors made it easy to understand the procedures and responsibilities"

Early years nursery setting looking at 'Ofsted in practice'

"Felt the facilitator had good knowledge and explained areas that I hadn't been very clear on"

"Completing small group activities helped me see how areas were interlinked and gave me confidence to express myself"

A practical workshop for Practioners on 'Supporting 2 year olds learn through play'

"Reminded me to value the exploratory nature of 2yr olds and the need to provide appropriate resources"

An information session for parents on how they could ease the transition of their children into mainstream school

"I didn't realise the difference I could make by putting a few easy steps into action"