Current training and workshops  2020 

 Our annual programme is generally offered to enable all people who care for children to attend training or workshops of their choice. We also provide personalised in-house training as stand-alone sessions. Booking, in advance via email is required. Once bookings have been received and paid for, a confirmation invoice is forwarded and refunds by this point are not available. 

INFORMATION as of 3rd August 2020


Due to the COVID19 restrictions, we have had to postpone our original annual programme. We are currently producing many of our essential training sessions through virtual interactive e-learning via zoom.

We have recently developed our COVID-19 policy which can be viewed at the bottom of this page which is enabling us to present small inhouse training following current government guidance and implementing the 12hr Paediatric 1st Aid. 



These will be added to as they are developed and confirmed. 

  • WE HAVE AN EXTENDED OFFER -                                                             PARENT WORKSHOPS which we have now extended until JULY 2021 -PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS - These were planned to be delivered in-house be could be developed to be delivered virtually using IT.


  • 12 hours accredited paediatric 1st Aid this course in line with nuco and COVID19 current regulations. We usually offer these twice a year as part of our annual training programme and they take place over 2 days. The 12hr paediatric 1st Aid or the 6hr - emergency paediatric 1st Aid course can also be booked through PASCAL Training Ltd to be delivered in-house for 10-12 people with more flexible times and dates to suit needs. Please contact us to obtain prices as these will vary in accordance with attendance places. WE are working with the 1st Aid trainer (Fiona Gerdes-Hanson) and awarding body (nuco) to commencing this training as soon as possible to meet demand and new COVID regulations. THOSE ON THE WAITING LIST WILL BE CONTACTED TO KEEP UPDATED.  Please contact us if you wish to book or be added to our waiting list as places are taken up quickly. 

  • We are pleased to announce our next 12hr Paediatric 1st Aid - Wed 26th and Thurs 27th August 2020   9.15 - 3.45  - £80 at Bromley Methodist Church, College Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3NS




It can be a very apprehensive time for a parent or carer when their child is due to move into mainstream school. Due to the current pandemic, some children may or may not have the opportunity to return to their early years setting before the transition so this opportunity is being offered online.


PASCAL Training Ltd has been delivering this session for parents in early years settings for several years and is now making it an interactive virtual session via ZOOM. 

The session lasts approximately 1hr 30mins and the cost is £10.00. The final session is due to take place 7.30 - 9.00 pm - Wednesday 5th August 2020  

The session will cover - How you can support your child’s transition into school by recognising children’s developmental ages and stages and individual needs, discussion about concerns, and looking at ideas to support the transition

To attend you will need to register via email at indicating your name. You will receive an invoice with details of how to make your payment and once it has been confirmed you will be sent details of the ID, password and support material for the specific session booked. Refunds are unable to be given once payment has been made unless the session is cancelled.

Safeguarding annual update and refresher   


Please note SESSION/S is 3hrs   £45


To meet the current demand we have developed this 3hr session to be delivered as virtual e-learning sessions via zoom 

Wed 16th September 7.00pm - 9.30pm and Wed 23th September  7.00pm - 9.30pm date changed as of 9/9/2020

PLEASE CONTACT US VIA EMAIL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION both sessions must be attended to receive attendance certification.

The classroom session we are anticipating will hopefully take place on -  

Tuesday 6th October 6.15pm - 9.15pm  

at Bromley Methodist Church, College Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3NS

Consultant – Carol Haydon


Session/s cover... Current safeguarding guidance and legislationGives updates and reviews knowledge on how to safeguard children and young people. Revisits and reviews types and potential indicators of abuse and how to respond if you have a concern and what should happen, including concerns about the conduct of other people. Recognises the importance of working in partnership with parents, families and outside agencies and identifies the barriers to reporting concerns. Explores actual scenarios relating to safeguarding and informs about current knowledge of new guidance and procedures. It is recommended that all attendees should have already completed safeguarding awareness training.

Emotional well-being and mental health in children -




National and current information followed to support session taken from recent qualifications  

How to promote the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children. To define mental health, resilience and self-esteem, looking at strategies to promote and nurture these. Review accessibility of specialist information and support.

Ofsted - Are you outstanding   BEXLEY  Wednesday 25th March - 7.30pm - 9.30pm


Hurst Community Centre, Hurst Place, Hurst Road Bexley, Kent, DA5 3LH 

Consultant – Linda Walls

In line with Ofsted EIF - Educational Inspection Framework guidance, regulations and requirements and supporting EYFS statutory framework.

To look at reflecting on strengths and weaknesses in your provision and reviewing what makes an early year’s setting outstanding. Recognising how Ofsted inspects Early Years settings with discussion and consideration on how to maintain and develop outstanding practice.



Leadership and Management - This has now been newly developed to support training both in a class or virtual e-learning session and then offering individual one to one training support in-house. This is to meet the individual needs of the early year's provision as well as the individual learner. The suggested 3 sessions include...

  • Ofsted - Are you outstanding? - Class session or e-learning - delivered annually  Looks at Ofsted expectations and best practice. Identifies current legal responsibilities and what makes a provision outstanding. 

  • One-to-one in-house training session - Reflects on skills and qualities that make a leader or manager inspirational. Consider ways to communicate effectively. Reviews personal strengths and set SMART targets to link with the vision of the workplace.  

  • One-to-one in-house training session - Clarifying and implementing procedures to ensure quality is at the heart of practice. Review procedures and undertake joint observations to support supervision, appraisal, disciplinary and partnership working.


The course is best covered in its entirety and is suitable for deputies, practitioners new to a lead role, room supervisors, and anyone who leads and manages a childcare provision.


Understanding Autism 

Supports National frameworks, Ofsted, and EYFS guidance.

Develops awareness of the indicators to look for and strategies to provide support for children with autism. Identifies typical indicators of autism, demonstrates an understanding of what it means to be on the autistic spectrum and strategies to support children, their families and the care providers. 

Promoting and supporting positive behaviour -

Supported resources reflect best practice through the NSPCC and the guidance from the EYFS

Looks at how to support and manage children’s behaviour in line with their development. Exploring strategies and the importance of the adult role.


Outdoor Play 

Follows guidance from Ofsted and EYFS

Supports a healthy living theme looking at how to make outdoor play more exciting. Ideas explored from Forest school approach, introducing gardening and developing sensory activities to explore and experiment. Back to nature with strategies to develop how risk-taking can support children's confidence and build on their independence. In line with guidance and recommendations within the EYFS to improve children healthy lifestyles.     




PASCAL Training Ltd

COVID-19 Guidance and Risk Assessment

Classroom and working requirements


Aim: To ensure risks are assessed and current guidance and regulations are followed

Where classroom training is beginning to be resumed and it is deemed safe to do so it is crucial to follow the current guidance indicated by the UK government guidelines. It is essential the facilitator/s and clients are fully aware of this document prior to the training taking place, during the classroom sessions and if any follow up issues are needed to be administered.  

  1. In general, the company PASCAL Training Ltd will promote remote working to clients to avoid in person meetings and training sessions where possible. If there is no possible alternative the company will assess the risks and work with the client to make an agreed compromise to ensure all safety measures are in place to avoid the spread of the virus. It is suggested, currently, only inhouse (people already working in the same establishment/nursery) be offered classroom meetings or training. This may change as sanctions are lifted.

  2. If and where possible meetings/training will be held outdoors or in well ventilated rooms following guidelines laid out.

  3. Only absolute necessary participants should physically attend meetings and also take into consideration this document and maintain a ‘safe attitude’ to include social distancing (2m or 1m with risk mitigation). Relevant hygiene regimes must be administered at all times. Where there are groups of colleagues working together in caring or educational establishments please ensure current government guidelines are checked. Clients and attendees/learners need to be mindful of the presence of the outside facilitator/s within the room with whom they would not normally have contact with and vice versa.

  4. Prior to classroom meeting/session taking place all safety precautions and risk assessments should be checked and implemented by the client and the company. The client will need to inform all those due to attend that if an attendee or anyone in their household has been displaying or has symptoms of COVID-19 they must not attend the meeting. It will be acceptable to postpone the session/s to a later date if it is deemed a safer option.

  5. Prior and during classroom sessions seating/tables etc. are to reflect and maintain spacing and reduce face to face interactions. Client to ensure the furniture and any other equipment to be used has been sanitised. Confirmation to be checked by facilitator.

  6. Any paper-based handouts, tasks or resources will be emailed in advance and we ask for clients to print them out where they are needed to be used in the meeting /training session. We will issue PDF format for attendance certificates which will be forwarded via email.

  7. When commencing a face to face training session it is suggested temperatures should be checked on registration/arrival and if anyone displays signs of the corona virus either at the start or during the session the session will be postponed and attendees will be asked to get tested and self-isolate in line with current government guidance. It will be expected for the client to inform the outcome to PASCAL Training Ltd for their own track and tracing as the facilitator. Where session is not ‘inhouse’ the company will hold email contact details to follow track and trace guidance. An alternative date for the training will be arranged at a later date.

  8. Where inhouse training is taking place, the client will hold a register and PASCAL Training Ltd will ask for a copy of the register to be taken and forwarded by email once all the attendees have signed in. Names on the register must be printed clearly to ensure the attendance certificate has the correct spelling. Where the attendees are employed or are volunteers of the client or if there is an independent facilitator it is expected that they will follow up the track and trace if or when it applies.

  9. When the company has classroom clients who are individual attendees/learners the register will hold details of email and telephone numbers to track and trace if and when necessary.   

  10. On arrival all attendees and facilitator/s should wash hands. Clients should have hand sanitiser available and/or provide a place to be able to wash hands – Hand sanitiser will also be provided by the facilitator.

  11. We support the promotion of the use of face coverings at all face to face classroom sessions and suggest that where attendees/learners are not colleagues who are already working together in a care or educational establishment it is advised they are used. This is discretional and must be established between the facilitator/trainer and attendee/learner prior to delivering face to face meetings or training. Where awarding bodies are offering guidance, the facilitator must use their guidance but will have sole discretion and responsibility if alterations are adapted to risk assess and implement any changes with clarification. 

  12. To avoid transmission of COVID-19 during classroom meetings or training, avoiding sharing resources, equipment or items e.g. pens/documents/other objects will not be allowed and social distancing must be adhered to.

  13. If, after the classroom session, and within 7 days, anyone in attendance shows signs or symptoms of the virus the client and the company will work together to ensure everyone is informed. They will then need to advise and follow the current government guidance for testing and isolating.

  14. Any personal details will only be used to trace and track COVID-19 unless the client/attendee has specifically asked to be added to the PASCAL Training e-mailing list personally. This is to conform with data protection. The COVID-19 details will only be stored for one month from the delivery date of the classroom session and then destroyed.


Where PASCAL Training Ltd are supporting other agencies or have links with other facilitators…

Any facilitator delivering via a link to PASCAL Training Ltd e.g. 1st Aid, is advised to

a) Follow guidelines incorporated in this document

b) Follow any risk assessment and documents set out by any awarding bodies (if any)  

c) Follow any self-developed guidance of their own and to comply with their own insurance.

Where there are any concerns or changes this needs to be addressed prior to any booking or classroom meetings/training taking place with the company to come to a compromise. All parties must agree for any adjustments which are felt necessary to be risk assessed as a joint process and ensure this is acceptable to meet all insurance cover. This must also take into full consideration the importance of protecting clients, attendees and facilitators against the spread of COVID-19. 

Currently PASCAL Training Ltd work with a 1st Aid facilitator so will forward a separate disclaimer or ask them to sign and date this document confirming it has been read and understood as an independent facilitator. The 1st Aid certification is accredited by the awarding body ‘nuco’ so the 1st Aid facilitator holds sole responsibility to follow guidance set or, any adaptations made with the client to adhere to. All parties are aware of best practice and follow national standards as well as ensuring rigorous COVID-19 guidance is taken seriously.